Making diathermy safer

17 Sep Where your money goes Diathermy mat

Thanks to one generous donor, we’ve been able to fund three Mega Soft gel mats to use during diathermy procedures, at a total cost of £8,400, so now each of the three children’s operating theatres has its own.

Surgical diathermy uses high-frequency electrical currents to cut through tissue and stop bleeding. “The main purpose of the Mega Soft gel mat is to provide safer surgery for the patient, by entirely removing any chance of an electrode pad-site burn,” explains Josephine Estilo, Sister for Paediatric Theatres.

“The new mats are simply set on the operating room table and covered by a sheet, providing a safe return path for electrosurgical current. This is especially beneficial in Paediatrics, as often it can be difficult to safely attach a ‘sticky-plate’ style pad to a baby or young child. These mats are a safer, simpler way to use diathermy, and as they are reusable, can also be a cost saver for the hospital.”