Mum's 26-mile walk

18 Oct Get Involved Aaron newborn

We’re very proud of Lucy Roberson who has completed a gruelling 26 mile walk with three work colleagues along the Saltmarsh Coast, near Maldon, Essex to raise funds for us.

Lucy’s training wasn’t without its mishaps, including the day she fell into a bog! “Unfortunately I didn't have anyone to take a picture - that would have been a good one, ha ha!” Luckily everything went well on the day itself. "It was hard work and I now have two black toenails but I've raised over £800 so I'm really happy!

“I wanted to raise money for the charity because thanks to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, my 5-year-old son Aaron can walk," explains Lucy.

"I found out at my 20-week scan that Aaron’s feet were growing the wrong way round. He had bilateral talipes - also known as clubfoot, which affects 1 in 1,000 babies worldwide. I was worried what it might mean for his future; would he be able to walk, would he be able to keep up with his friends in the playground. Luckily, I heard of a team at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital who specialise in helping people with talipes using the Ponseti method.

"Aaron was just 15 days old when he was wrapped up in plaster cast from his thighs to his toes! He had his Achilles tendons cut at just 8 weeks old, then had to wear boots and bar for 23 hours a day. We called him the human tripod! Woe betide you if you got caught under his bar when he was kicking about!

"Five years on, Aaron no longer needs treatment and you wouldn't know there was ever anything wrong with his feet. He certainly doesn't remember! He does karate and plays football and loves running around like crazy!

"However, many people do not receive this treatment because of the country they live in. The fantastic team at Chelsea and Westminster train doctors so that people worldwide can receive the correct treatment rather than experience a lifetime of disability, poverty and social stigma. It's great to know that my fundraising will help others like Aaron."