Cara’s brilliant Bravery Box

26 Oct Archive 26 Oct Bravery box.jpg

Previously the Chelsea Children’s Hospital Charity, we re-launched as The Children’s Surgery Foundation in 2019 to reflect the national scope of our work today. The story below is from our days as the Chelsea Children’s Hospital Charity.

Some people radiate kindness and Staff Nurse Cara Taylor is one of them! Cara has used her own money to buy stickers, certificates, books and toys to create a ‘Bravery Box’ on Neptune Ward in Chelsea Children's Hospital.

"If a child has been brave we can now reward them with a certificate and let them choose a small toy or book from the Bravery Box. Their little eyes light up! It helps everyone out - children, parents and medical staff.”

Eight-year-old Harrison was the first child to receive a prize. “He’d had his tonsils out and been really brave,” says Cara. “And recently a little girl who’d broken her arm and chosen a book from the box asked me to sign it, which was really special!”

To raise money to fund the Bravery Box, Cara has been selling essential items she has paid for herself to her fellow nurses.
“My aim is to see a Bravery Box on every children’s ward. I intend to keep raising money for them but it can be hard.”

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