Why there's a buzz in Children's HDU

09 Feb bee chair.jpg

Who'd have thought a bee could help babies and children with complex needs? Thanks to our new Bee Chair, there's now a real buzz in the children's high dependency unit (CHDU). Babies and children under five are getting brilliant help for their play sessions, helping them achieve important milestones.

The friendly-looking Bee Chair by Jiraffe is appealing to very young children and is a gentle and playful introduction to supportive seating.

Senior play specialist Laura Skinner explains: "Many of our patients have complex medical and developmental needs and stay in the hospital for long periods, sometimes even for years. 

"During a play session we use toys and activities to help a child work towards different developmental milestones. It can be very difficult to support the child in a sitting position while encouraging them to reach and grab toys. But with the Bee Chair, nurse, parents, play specialists and therapists can get so much more from a play session for the benefit of the child."