Merci Maman

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We’re delighted to announce our partnership with boutique jewellery company Merci Maman

Over the next year, Merci Maman will be helping Chelsea Children’s Hospital Charity in many ways. “We will be donating 10p of every sale made on our website to the charity and we’ll give gifts to mums with children in hospital throughout the year, based on requests from medical staff. Our team will be volunteering and we’re considering challenge events that we could all take part in to raise additional funds!” says founder Béatrice de Montille.

For the Mother’s Day launch of our partnership, Merci Maman treated mums with children in hospital to a beautiful gift. The pale gold necklaces with a coloured satin braid, hand-engraved with the words Live, Love, Laugh, were given out to every mum in the children’s wards and neonatal units at both Chelsea Children’s Hospital and West Middlesex Hospital.

“We care about our mums very much, and thanks to the amazing generosity of Merci Maman, we’re able to give them a gift they can cherish forever,” said Rebecca McLoughlin, Charity Manager.

“‘Merci Maman’ translates to ‘Thank you Mummy’ in English and celebrates the mother and child bond,” explains Béatrice. “I am a mum of four, and most of our team of 20 are mums as well - many of us had our babies at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. We’re so delighted to announce our partnership with Chelsea Children’s Hospital Charity, which provides vital equipment and other support to children and their families at Chelsea Children’s Hospital and West Middlesex Hospital.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with Merci Maman and launching our partnership on Mother’s Day is so special,” said Rebecca McLoughlin. “We are so delighted that this lovely company has chosen to support us, helping to make a difference to the lives of our many young patients and their families.

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