Treating our mums

11 Mar Kate and Chelsea - Burns

Happy Mother's Day! We've treated mums with children in hospital to a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day. Together with volunteers from our charity partner Merci Maman - Personalised Gifts, we gave out gold-plated bracelets, hand-engraved with the word ‘Amour’, to every mum in the children’s wards and neonatal units at both Chelsea Children’s Hospital and West Middlesex Hospital.

Mum Susan said, “It’s so beautiful, I love it so much, thank you.” Her eight-year-old daughter was being treated in the Children’s High Dependency Unit for severe croup. “Lulu could hardly breathe and narrowly avoided being intubated. It became really quite serious and she needed steroids and IV antibiotics. But everyone here was amazing. For Mother’s Day I’m wishing for a good sleep!”

Kate was in the Children’s Burns Unit with her 13-year-old daughter Chelsea, who had suffered a seizure and fell against hot copper piping, burning her leg, which became infected. “Thank you so much for the bracelet, what a lovely gesture. As a mum of five, I’m hoping for a cup of tea in bed on Mother’s Day, and a chance to relax!”

“This is the second year in a row that we’ve teamed up with Merci Maman for Mother’s Day,” said charity manager Rebecca McLoughlin. “Thanks to their generosity, we’ve been able to give these deserving mums a gift they can cherish forever.”